One month later

So our African adventure is coming to an end. One month later, contrary to all expectations, we’re still alive, just twenty shades darker, a few greetings-and-phrases wiser and way over our budget. We’ve travelled across 4 countries and seen so much more than we thought we would. Most people may disagree, but I think not having a plan beforehand was the best thing that happened to this trip. (And not just a justification for being disorganised.)

In this time, we’ve covered all forms of transport – bus, train, low-cost airline (where boarding passes were handwritten), fancy car of a rich Chinese man, back of a truck, police car, ambulance, bicycle, boot of a 4WD, amongst various others I’ve forgotten. We’ve met and befriended so many people – some awesome, others creepy. Given out our email addresses and contact details under various aliases. Perhaps a list is a better way of summarising the past month.

1. Seeing the Victoria Falls and getting drenched. Watching people bungee because we’re not game enough ourselves.

2. Treking Table Mountain all the way to Maclear’s Beacon. And back down. Because the cable car was too expensive.

3. Mastering the art of bargaining for everything. Attempting to bargain down the Visa entry fee for Zambia. Sadly failed.

4. Giving two other backpackers a lift and receiving some goods in exchange.

5. Numerous sunrises, sunsets and candlelit dinners. (We’re super romantic like that).

Sunset from Lion's Head

6. All sorts of amazing African food. Like bobotie.

7. Trying various street food and the subsequent painful bowel experiences.

8. Buying more souvenirs than our rucksacks can handle. Because you can’t say no to men with starving families who have a niece with your name.

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