Carnaval and blocos

Carnaval in Rio is absolutely insane. Everyone gets a six day holiday and the streets are filled with ridiculous costumes. Overseas we see images of girls in nothing but feathers and glitter and that’s predominantly all I’ve come to associate with Brazilian Carnaval. Three days in Rio changed that terrible misconception.

Tati and Luiz introduced us to this thing called “blocos”, which is essentially a free street party/parade. They vary in genre and size and they’re pretty much everywhere. A band plays either in one spot or moves down a street and everyone follows in song, dance and costume. Often accompanied by drunkenness and a whole lot of face-raping.

A local bloco.

Praia do Leblon.

Bloco Sgto Pimenta.

The band played Beatles songs with a Samba swing. It was an amazing experience though with the heat we almost drowned in sweat.

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