Ibiza – more than just a party

Ibiza is over-pumping with testosterone.

The male to female ratio seemed so heavily swayed towards the former that the party scene subjects many females to brutal facerape and ridiculous amounts of seediness.

But then again maybe I’m just too old and this is now the norm.

Nonetheless, the nightlife in Ibiza is absolutely insane and definitely not overrated. There are quite a few big clubs, each drawing millions of party kids every night. Tickets are pricey (especially when Guetta is playing) and drinks more so (unless you find some generous person with 500€ bills in their pocket), but the music is pretty great and staying up till 6am is do-able even for an old person like me.

Against my expectations, Ibiza has a lot more to offer than simply its nightlife. We rented a motorbike and spent a day exploring the island.

Dalt Vila

Cala d’Hort and surrounds

San Vicente

San Antonio Sunset Strip

Had a couple of accidents along the way and racked up a very expensive bill. The cost of damages ended up being almost ten times the cost of rental. Failing to negotiate a lower charge, we drowned our sorrows in frozen yogurt and said goodbye to Spain.

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