Amalfi Coast death drive

Having been advised against driving along the Amalfi coast, I obviously took this as a challenge and threw it on the bucket list. Consisting of a series of narrow bends with too much traffic competing for too little space, I did alright for the most part but did end up with a few scratches on our rental car before the day was over. To be fair it wasn’t entirely my fault – an approaching bus had me reverse into a stone wall so that it could pass. Sure brought out a lot of heavy swearing on my part.





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3 replies on “ Amalfi Coast death drive ”
  1. Very Interesting photos. You dont need any captions or text. Those photos explain themselves. Thank you for sharing such an interesting story in photos.

  2. Wow! Great photos! I particularly like the way you captured the entire experience. Looks like you loved the challenge. Basing on your experience would you recommend one to drive along the Amalfi coast?

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