Liquiçá to Bazartete

The days are getting hotter and the nights are becoming more and more of a struggle. I take multiple cold showers a day to cool down, though this usually proves pointless as I immediately start sweating again the second I step out. Despite the increase in temperature, it’s still not yet the wet season. There was one night of heavy rain a couple of weeks ago where we thought well this is it, it’s finally here. Since then I pack my waterproof jacket with me wherever I go (under Joris’ strict instructions), but there hasn’t been a need for it yet. I’m now hesitant to go places without it because I know that the day I don’t pack it will finally be the day I need it.

Last weekend we escaped the heat briefly and traded it for the cooler temperatures of the mountains. From Dili we rode along the coast to Liquiçá and then headed inland to Bazartete, a small village located on the mountain top. As the backseat rider, I had the more important task of smiling and waving to the locals we passed along the way. I’ve learnt that they tend to hold a hard stare and only break into a smile once you do.




It was a rather pleasant ride and sealed for most of the way. The route took us through vastly different landscapes and bushland between Liquiçá, Bazartete and the turnoff towards Railaco. Unfortunately we only made a couple of stops for me to get camera snappy – one of which involved my helmet rolling down the hill and sending Joris off on a little hike.






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