I started blogging in 2010 during my year of exchange in Hangzhou (China). It was titled “Day three hundred and sixty five” because I liked unnecessarily long titles and enjoyed spelling out numbers. My very first entry talked about my experience in a queue at the train ticket office, and from there grew into a regular sharing of pictures and words on my life as a foreigner in my mother country.


In 2012, my best friend and I took a year off reality and spent the year backpacking around the world. We planned our trip around keeping a tan by following summer from the southern hemisphere to the north. We set out with somewhat simple ideas and tried to keep our spending low with cheap accommodation and the cheapest modes of transport. I invested in my first DLSR and fell in love with capturing the world.


As a keen photographer and a big people-watcher, there’s nothing I enjoy more than capturing photos of people and places. Because of this I have fallen into the habit of starting a new blog to mark every new adventure. Now at a more organised stage in my life where I’m merging my many super funds, I have decided to merge these different blogs and let it all fall loosely into one story.