Two weeks in

I arrived in Dili two weeks ago dreading the heat, mosquitos, odd-smelling shower water, lack of food options and everything else Joris warned me about in my pre-departure briefing. (His words were – ‘you just need to be more chilled and ok with it’). All the same, I had been looking forward to a new adventure for a long while and was very excited about the new land, culture and cheap Nasi Goreng.

Sunburnt Beach Campground

Sunburnt Beach Campground 25.04.14 – 27.04.14 There was one requirement for the Anzac long weekend and it was to make some fire. So we searched the google maps high and low and came across this cute little campground about 20mins south of Ulladulla.  

Mount Solitary Traverse

Taking on Mount Solitary was a last minute decision fuelled by our complacency with campground bookings. We had to give up our original plan for the Royal National Park Coastal Track as North Era Campground was all booked out by 9pm the night before. Lesson learnt.

Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes

Salzburg in winter is simply incredible and magical. As the birthplace of Mozart and the setting for Sound of Music, that was two too many good reasons to stop over. While we didn’t cover all the Sound of Music sites in our quick half-day-dash, the incredible beauty of the city meant it was a constant battle between capturing it all on camera and keeping my frozen fingers alive.

Amalfi Coast death drive

Having been advised against driving along the Amalfi coast, I obviously took this as a challenge and threw it on the bucket list. Consisting of a series of narrow bends with too much traffic competing for too little space, I did alright for the most part but did end up with a few scratches on our rental car before the day was over.

Fifteen days on the wrong side of the road (city-hopping Italy)

Fifteen days of driving around Italy has been absolutely incredible. Unfortunately, just when I’ve gotten used to driving on the wrong side of the road, sitting on the wrong side of the car, and waving my wrist madly shouting ‘che cazzo’ (at appropriate road rage moments), we’ve had to bid a sad farewell to our trusty little Fiat and re-accustom ourselves with the concept of backpacking.

The City of Canals

Afloat in midst a lagoon, Venice is known as one of the most extraordinary cities in the world. Unfortunately sinking away slowly, the entire city is listed as an UNESCO site (though much of Italy seems to have made the UNESCO list).

Its numerous bridges and canals, and overall architectural impossibleness leave you in awe and distracted from the frustration otherwise felt in an attempt to navigate the windy little laneways and chase the inconsistent signs towards “Per Rialto”.

The Cinque Terre – colourful jewels of Italy

Situated along the Italian Riviera, the Cinque Terre is composed of five colourful little villages perched on clifftops by the Mediterranean. Incredibly picturesque and a little difficult to differentiate from afar (for the inexperienced), up close each have their own flavour and character.

The famous walking trail which strings the towns together allows for best appreciation of the entire coastal region and offers the most spectacular views of each town. Made all the more dramatic as they progressively come into view.