Finding paradise in Rarotonga

Weeks prior to our family holiday to Rarotonga, Joris and I found a new TV show on Netflix – Death in Paradise. Its silliness, simplistic structure and low involvement quality fitted our dinner time genre and lack of better options. Set in the fictional Carribean island of Saint Marie, an English inspector handles a different

The Inland Pack Track

Late October last year, Christchurch crawled out of its prolonged winter and the weather became warm enough to take us out of hibernation. We eagerly took our chance at the first long weekend that came around and drove to the West Coast for the Inland Pack Track.

The Inland Pack Track is one of many walks in the beautiful Paparoa National Park. It promised multiple river and creek crossings..

Sunburnt Beach Campground

Sunburnt Beach Campground 25.04.14 – 27.04.14 There was one requirement for the Anzac long weekend and it was to make some fire. So we searched the google maps high and low and came across this cute little campground about 20mins south of Ulladulla.  

Mount Solitary Traverse

Taking on Mount Solitary was a last minute decision fuelled by our complacency with campground bookings. We had to give up our original plan for the Royal National Park Coastal Track as North Era Campground was all booked out by 9pm the night before. Lesson learnt.