Ibiza – more than just a party

Ibiza is over-pumping with testosterone. The male to female ratio seemed so heavily swayed towards the former that the party scene subjects many females to brutal facerape and ridiculous amounts of seediness. But then again maybe I’m just too old and this is now the norm. Nonetheless, the nightlife in Ibiza is absolutely insane and

This pilgrim life

One of the best things about doing this pilgrimage is the ability to see a great deal on a tiny budget.

Starting out in Santander, we are following the route along the North coast (Camino del Norte) one of numerous Camino de Santiago routes. In my very simple head I had the romanticised idea that this meant walking along beaches and long stretches of sand.

Camino de Santiago – 130km later

So much pain all over. And it’s only been 4 days.

Flew into Santander on the 27th and received our credentials from Iglesia de Santander, before checking in at the albergue for our very first stamp. Albergues are hostels specifically for pilgrims. They’re generally quite basic and ridiculously cheap (€6 – €10). (Usually curfew is 10pm and you need to leave by 8am.) However you do need to prove you have done some walking for the day – hence the stamping of the credential booklet.