Otago historic pub tour

Two weeks ago marked a wee anniversary and hence justified a long weekend kind of adventure. We looked into tramping options but the weather forecast changed our plans and instead we opted for a historic pub tour of Otago. We departed Friday morning in heavy downpour, oblivious to how this could evolve into a state

The Inland Pack Track

Late October last year, Christchurch crawled out of its prolonged winter and the weather became warm enough to take us out of hibernation. We eagerly took our chance at the first long weekend that came around and drove to the West Coast for the Inland Pack Track.

The Inland Pack Track is one of many walks in the beautiful Paparoa National Park. It promised multiple river and creek crossings..

24 hours in Wellington

A few years ago Lonely Planet named Wellington the coolest capital in the world. Prior to moving to Christchurch, we considered Wellington as an option but Christchurch’s appeal when it came to the family and friends factor overruled Lonely Planet’s sexy endorsement.