Nampula to Cuamba Train

So the train ride from Nampula to Cuamba didn’t disappoint. It was as amazing as it was talked up to be (by Lonely Planet and other travellers we had met) and completely worth the struggle involved in getting to Nampula, the extra days we were forced to spend in Nampula and everything else that depressed us for the 2-3 days prior to the train ride.

A night in a mini van

Most uncomfortable sleep ever. Can’t really complain as it’s also the cheapest accommodation ever. Arrived in Cuamba yesterday evening around 6 with nothing more than our next destination in mind (Madimba, closest town to Mozambique/Malawi border). With very few meticals left, we hoped to hitch a ride and stay somewhere cheap for the night. No

Highlights of the last 12 days

I’ll admit it hasn’t all been fantastic. We have days where we just wish we could apparate (yes apparate) to some place beautiful and chill for a longer period of time without the dramas of backpacking and finding transportation, when things don’t go according to plan (though to be fair, it’s usually quite an unrealistically ambitious plan). When bus rides turn out butt-achingly uncomfortable, mozzies non-repellable and ATMs decide to swallow your card (well Lay’s). But it takes just a smile from a stranger, a sky covered in stars or something unexpectedly pleasant to undampen spirits and make all these measly dramas worthwhile.

The first hitchhike

It’s been 4 days in Africa so far and we’ve had our first hitchhike experience. Last night, after flying through Kruger National Park to make the gate closing time, ZH and AK dropped us off at Melalane petrol station where we convinced them we were going to be okay completing the rest of the trip on our own.

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