That warung called Lilis

Three pairs of thongs and four months later, I’m nearing the end of my time in Dili. Burger King seems to sense that our time is up and have cut down their burger options significantly. They say shipments have been blocked so they’ve been stuck without half the ingredients for the past couple of weeks, leaving their most loyal customer (Joris) quite disgruntled.

Blindekuh – Dining in the dark

Squeezed on to our intense list of food/restaurants to sample in Zurich was this restaurant called Blindekuh, (translates to ‘blind cow’), where the whole dining-in-the-dark concept apparently began. And so with part curiosity and part hunger, and a great deal of respect for the whole initiative of employing the blind and partially-sighted, we made a reservation half an hour in advance and let Google Map guide us there in just enough time.